The Gravity Crew is perhaps the most unique Grass Roots 'racing' team in the US.  While the core function of The Crew is to support Gravity racers on their path to success, we realize that we are a stronger presence in the community when we combine the efforts of racers, riders, media specialists, mechanics, and trail builders together.  Collectively, we represent all of the unique pursuits that make Gravity Mountain Biking a compelling endeavor and lifelong adventure.


Director of Descent

Responsible for setting direction, team purpose, and equipment strategy.  Maintains key relationships with sponsors, park operators and other industry professionals.  The helmet icon denotes active racing participation.

Media Mercenary.png

MEDIA mercenary

Responsible for capturing images and creating content that represents The Crew, our Sponsors, our Region's MTB'ing destinations, and our Community.  The Social Mercenary catches us at our best and shares that with our followers.


rider roustabout

Our "Roustabout" is someone that brings broad-based skills and years of experience and judgement to our team.  Responsible for providing a calm presence, leadership by example, line choice advice, quick fixes in the pits, shuttling, etc., etc...


gravity Guerrilla

Aptly named, The Guerrilla will ride in a way that takes people by surprise. This Rider's responsibility is to advance their skills at a sustainable pace and represent The Crew in the Amateur ranks of Dowhill and at least one other discipline of Gravity Racing.


gravity guru

Typically a Pro Category Downhill and/or Enduro racer, the Guru is the rider that establishes our competitive presence on race day.  Their responsibility is to be the most physically fit, courageous, and determined rider on the team.



Every team with a future has a new-comer in the ranks, someone who brings a fresh perspective on speed and problem-solving. This person is the future of the sport and the longevity of the team.